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Submit and Receive is a concept which revolves around attempting to empower women and showcase what society considers as flaws or taboos. This series of paintings are based on nudes that were submitted by strangers on the internet. The series captures raw moments of women in ways that are not often seen in movies, on social media or on other platforms. These are images produced by women, where they are in control of how they want to be seen and then in turn painted by a woman. The goal of the show is to promote a more open-minded approach to the way society views women. It also challenges the notion of defining beauty and feminity by straying from the standard approach of portraying woman through all types of media and advertising.


Le Hong Oanh is a multi disciplinary artist based in Saigon, Vietnam. Born in 1997, Le's artworks focus on the representation of women through the media. Through this work, Le challenges the ideal concept of beauty by throwing the viewer deep into an array of unconventional poses and angles, leaving nothing hidden or touched up. Le became interested in capturing these moments from seeing and personally dealing with misogyny and criticism of women and their appearance on social media and through advertising.